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Bop Supreme

Price: $30 for 10 regular seeds

A cross between Critical Orange Punch x Blueberry AK/Starfighter

When we made this combo we knew we were connecting two powerhouses together, Kritical Bilbo and AK 47. Both absolute monsters in their field. Not well known for their flavor we knew a few fruit strains were needed to improve on that. I'll be honest here, after smoking this you're gonna be dumb for a bit, probably clean out the fridge too. It'll sit you down on the couch and send you into la la land. She stretches a bit on flowering but has branches that will hold their own as long as she's center staked. Easy to grow with high yields of tight buds. Two specific phenos, both VERY similar, you can tell them apart only by smell. - Beebop

Grower: Bop Seeds

Bop Supreme flower.jpg
Bop Supreme.jpg
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