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Fighter Fuel Four

Price: $60 for 10 regular seeds

A cross between GG #4/Jet Fuel x Pike or 2


3F as we call it is a great strain. A sativa dominant hybrid of epic proportions. The fuel smell comes off of one of the two phenos for sure, while the other smells a bit more skunky like its Gorilla Glue #4 mother from many breedings ago. Super chunky nug that are sharp at the point. An extremely heavy yielder for being a 60/40 sativa dominant hybrid. Sweet, skunky, and gassy are the best ways to describe her smell. This strain will get you ripped hard. Right in between a downer and an upper it affects people differently, you'll have to tell us how it makes you feel. A classic happy high for me personally. - BeeBop

Grower: Garden of Seeden

Fighter Fuel 4 Mother 2.jpg
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