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Purple Van Damage

Price: $50 for 10 regular seeds

A cross between Purple Punch x Pike or 2

Purple Van Damage is the product of crossing two great strains together. It's name comes from it's propensity to mess you up like you got beat up. Might make you fall over stoned, might fall into a bush, run into a wall, possibly bruise yourself purple like the dominant pheno in this strain. Crystals a plenty! Just a sticky, smelly, beautiful to grow plant in general. High yields of tight spaced out buds that remain hard even after drying. When Purple Van Damage is done with you you'll wish you took the part in Karate kid and not Double Impact. Smoke with caution or be kung foo kicked back to the 80's. Pipe by: Zink Ham

Grower: Garden of Seeden

Purple Van Damage Mother.jpg
Purple Van Damage nugs.jpg
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