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You're My Boy Blue

Price: $60 for 10 regular seeds

A cross between GG#4/Bloodhound x Pike or 2

I know, I know, the name... It's as strange as the first sentence in this description. Really though, You're My Boy Blue is a fine mix of Blueberries, Dawgs, and of course some original Starfighter. A great session with your buddies strain that packs a mix of fruits and spices. The mother of the Bloodhound mix was an absolute donk producer. It'll have you laughing and talking then laughing some more. A really smokable with anyone strain. The Huckleberry Hound shines through in this one for sure. It's always good to get some of those NW strains back in circulation. "You're My Boy Blue!" Pictured is the mother of this strain. We lost the pics to the final product we were so lit...

Grower: Garden of Seeden

You're my boy Blue Mother.jpg
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