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Working Mans Weed

Price: $40 for 10 regular seeds

A cross between our sought after Starship Lemone x Pike or 2

For this cross we wanted to start with our signature strain Starship Lemone that really gets you going for the day. A fat bowl of Starship Lemone always makes for and energetic and motivated work day. One of those strains that make doing chores not so bad after all. Naturally with a mix of Lemon, Blueberry, and Strawberry in the mix it's a tasty little tart. Doubling up on the Starfighter really helped get that tight but slightly separated flower structure witch helps quite a bit with airflow lessening the chances of mold, especially outdoors. Easy to trim flowers that smell amazing when trimmed. Heavy in Pinene and Limonene terps this strain is like a punch in the face when first smoked. Whatever work troubles you Working Mans Weed makes all the troubles go away. - Beebop

Grower: Bop Seeds

Working Mans Weed.jpg
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